Funky Phone Arcade
Funky Phone Arcade

The Funky Phone Arcade, made with the help of our partner Weee Nederland, is an old-school arcade machine that rewards you for recycling your old mobile phone. This arcade is built using only reused electronics and sustainable wood.

How does that work exactly?

Afval Arcade

The Waste Arcade is the most awesome way to collect different kinds of waste. After inserting the trash, the user is rewarded with a cool game. Our version is made for plastic, paper and residual waste, but we can completely customize it for your purpose.

Sounds great, tell me more!

The Lid interactieve containerdeksel
Trash hole

The Trash Hole transforms boring wheelie bins into a surprising experience. The interactive bin lid has a sleek design and makes a fun sound if trash is inserted. Sticker designs as well as the sounds can be fully personalised.

Great fun, I need one of those!