E-waste Arcades is a circular design studio specialised in making creative waste solutions. These include products, campaigns, challenges and workshops. Joris and Timmy started E-waste Arcades in 2016 to make waste seperation more fun. The first product is the Funky Phone Arcade, made together with our partner Weee Nederland. At the moment the team consists of 6 people with expertise in the areas of circular design, education, user experience design and programming. With these qualities E-waste Arcades can come up with the craziest and best waste solutions and realise them. With those solutions we stimulate sustainable behaviour.


E-waste Arcades is innovative and circular. We strive for a world in which resources are not lost anymore. We believe that by making waste seperation fun, sustainable behaviour can become habit and that the message gets spread.


The mission of E-waste Arcades is to create awareness about waste and stimulate sustainable behaviour in a fun way. We do that by making sustainable product that will give the user joy if they recycle. Besides that we create awareness that leads to action in the form of challenges, presentations, campaigns and custom work for municipalities, schools and businesses.


Timmy de Vos

Sustainable Entrepreneur

Joris Petterson

Circular Designer

Nando Zwambag

Project Manager

Niels Jansen


Rens Janssen

Product Engineer

Serge Gruson

UX Designer